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Safety, is the new chic

At Sofitel, just because we promise the cleanliness of hotels, doesn’t mean we’ve given up on style! Thanks to our ALLSafe program, your event is sure to be equipped with the latest and most elevated health and safety protocols.



Saftey is the new chic




The ALLSAFE global cleanliness and prevention standards have been developed with and vetted by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspections and certification, and covers:


1. Enhanced cleaning protocols
2. Enhanced team training
3. New guest contact measures
4. Enhanced food safety measures
5. Global medical support for all guests in a partnership with AXA



Enhanced Hygiene Measures

New and more stringent hygiene measures have been implemented and are monitored across all Accor properties.

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins has adopted all of these measures and they include a reinforced cleaning program with frequent disinfection of all high touch public areas including lifts and restrooms.


•   We’ll provide a dedicated event public area cleaner to clean, disinfect and monitor high touch areas including the entrance and exit of event venues, door handles, escalators, lift buttons, hand rails and rest rooms
•   We’ll provide hand sanitiser stations in all public areas, events spaces and catering areas
•   All team members will wear PPE.
•   Signage will be placed next to the hand sanitiser bottles reminding guests to use them for their personal hygiene
•   Physical distancing queuing and capacity restrictions in rest rooms have been implemented
•   Hygiene procedures for the receiving of items via the loading dock have been implemented
•   ALLSAFE signage on hygiene measures placed strategically throughout public areas and event spaces
•   An enhanced in room cleaning program using hospital grade cleaning materials is now also a standard across all Accor properties including Sofitel Melbourne On Collins. Regular deep cleaning will be carried out on upholstery and carpets, and bedding will be washed and treated at high temperatures.



Enhanced Staff Training

Accor has launched a comprehensive safety and hygiene staff training program to ensure that staff have the education and skills necessary to protect our guests and themselves.


•   Compulsory training modules completed by all operational team members
•   A dedicated ALLSAFE Officer with advanced training on how to deal with unwell guests and training on how to best care and protect other attendees.



Guest Arrival

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins has introduced increased measures to ensure guest safety from arrival at the hotel:


•   Floor decals to assist with guest queueing factoring in physical distancing
•   Signage indicating entry and exit locations to event venues
•   Temperature reading devices are available to hire and the price is available upon application.
•   Guest contact tracing procedure
•   QR code and contact tracing for site inspections.
•   Compulsory COVID 19 Safety Plan for all contractors
•   ALLSAFE signage placed strategically throughout public areas and event venues
•   ALLSAFE procedures are to be communicated to all your attendees prior to the start of the event, a scripted voice over is available to be played to your guests at the start of the event and a written version is also available should you prefer to send this out to guests prior to the event.



New Guest Contact Measures and Physical Distancing

To ensure all guests remain safe during their stay we have implemented new standards to ensure social distancing measures throughout the hotel and specifically in public areas as well as event spaces.

•   Floor decals to assist with guest queueing factoring in physical distancing
•   All restaurants, bars, event spaces and seating in public areas will comply with government specified distancing measures.
•   Current maximum capacities for each event venue have been developed by first dividing the event space by 4 square metres and then applying the physical distancing guidelines of 1 person per 1.5 metres. Your Event Executive has detailed floorplans for each event venue based on these capacities available upon request.
•   The maximum guest number per table based on these guidelines is 3 pax for cabaret style set up, 4 pax for banquet style set up and 1 pax per classroom or trestle table. As physical distancing capacities change according to Government regulations, your Event Executive will provide you with updated information as to the maximum capacity of any space for your event
•   We request that all events have allocated seating to reduce guest movement.
•   Dance floors are not permitted under Government regulations at this time.
•   Where available, there will be one designated entry and exit point into each event space.



Enhanced Food Safety Standards

Sofitel Melbourne On Collins has established new protocols and standards for events which exceed government regulations.

•   This includes new service standards and catering options to ensure guest safety in place of buffet or self-serve options. For conference breakfast and lunch options we are now offering an individual boxed breakfast or lunch.
•   Sofitel Melbourne On Collins offers individual morning and afternoon tea items.
•   New service standard for tea and coffee service and coffee carts (available at an additional cost) to ensure guest safety.
•   Individual single use menus are now in place.
•   Modifications have been made to our food and beverage service to ensure there are no shared items and that service is compliant with ALLSAFE measures.
•   Bottled water is available upon a consumption or package basis.



HACCP and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

For the past 14 years Sofitel Melbourne On Collins has exceeded food safety legislative requirements through the implementation of its certified HACCP Food Safety Program. In 2008, Sofitel Melbourne On Collins took a further step in its commitment to food safety by becoming the first Australian hotel to achieve certification in ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems.

This robust standard of quality management systems is audited every six months by a globally accredited certification body, British Standards Institution (BSI Group). This standard not only demands very high food safety and hygiene practices, but a ‘whole of organisation approach’ to food safety, hygiene and continuous improvement. Sofitel Melbourne On Collins engages the monthly services of a food safety consultant, further demonstrating the value the hotel places on food safety, improving performance and retaining its long-held certifications.



7-minute Virtual Tour

We’ve designed for you a virtual reality walk-through of our timeless event spaces where you can view each venue all in the comfort of your office space.




Audio Visual

Audio Visual Dynamics our audio visual partner have adopted ALLSAFE measures to ensure guest safety, which include:

•   Ensuring all equipment is cleaned and disinfected prior to use.
•   AV equipment that will be handled by multiple people throughout an event will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. This includes; Hand held, lapel, headset and lectern microphones. Laptops and other devices. Presentation remotes. Frequently touched surfaces including lecterns and side table.



Additional Services

The following service are available at an additional cost based on your event requirements. Should you require a quote please request this from your Event Executive:

•   Security guards to monitor guest movement and room capacity.
•   Additional public area cleaners.
•   Additional event service team members.
•   Additional digital and physical signage.
•   Temperature reading devices.
•   People counting device supporting the physical distancing guidelines and venue capacity calculations.



Contact Us

For further information or a discussion about our ALLSAFE program, contact us on below channels.


Tel: +61 3 9653 0000    Email Us








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